Cyclists on edge

Bruce Robinson shows how dodgy Cockburn Road’s edges are for cyclists. Photo by Phoebe Robson.

CYCLISTS are furious about the unsafe riding conditions along Cockburn Road in Coogee and are calling for the edge of the road to be urgently fixed.

Cyclist’s Action Group founder and president Bruce Robinson said the wonky road edge along Cockburn Road in Coogee, just before the Beach Road turnoff, could cause a fatality.

It would not be hard for someone to be “distracted by taking in the scenery” and have a serious crash, he said.

“It’s an indictment that it has not been fixed,” Mr Robinson said.

The already-narrow bike lane suddenly disappears before the road with a number of large holes “gouged into the side of the bitumen”.

When returning from Rockingham in group bike rides Mr Robinson often uses Cockburn Road.

“We were riding along Cockburn Road coming from the south; at the corner just before Beach Road the limestone is discontinued and starts to drop off so cyclists must swerve out onto the road.”

Mr Robinson says it also poses a threat to motorists and truckers, who could swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid a cyclist or lose control by driving over the holes. 

Mr Robinson wants Main Roads to do more than just a “patch-up” but make permanent repairs.

A spokesperson from Main Roads said it was an old road.

“This is a section of road that does not have healed shoulders because the road was built decades ago, before Main Roads adopted the regular use of sealed shoulders,” a spokesperson told the Herald.

“Main Roads has plans to upgrade the pedestrian facilities near Beach Road, and is currently finalising the project scope and timing.”


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