No appetite for redevelopment?

COLLIE street/main drag of Fremantle. 

The old Hungry Jacks building; I wonder if anybody out there can explain to me why this building, in the heart of Freo, is vacant?

Unoccupied for probably longer than a decade, must be a reason? 

Probably pathetic, let’s turn it into a mini park.

The entire corner looks absolutely disgusting.

Dean Whineray

Wrong turn

THIS week in South Fremantle, Politics in the Pub covered the disastrous new bridge and Canning Highway realignment. The room was packed and angry.

Not surprisingly the Mayor, the city ward and north ward councillors were, MIA. Why? It directly affects their wards, or don’t they know?

Don’t care, too busy to care, requires effort, not interested, etc? 


What’s concerning is that lots of issues are left unaddressed by councillors; the traffic issues on Hampton Road, Ord Street, High Street, Stirling Highway, Canning Highway, etc.

Now they seem happy to watch Canning Highway be destroyed as it enters Freo.

The real issue is how does any government entity decide to spend in excess of $200 million on 80 plus year old infrastructure, with no modelling on the area’s future. (Let’s face it, if they say $200 million, from track history we know it doubles.)

It starts at over-proportion developments and undiscussed issues on McCabe Street, the Leighton Peninsula, Victoria Quay 

 development, the wool stores development areas, South Fremantle, and western Cockburn, yet we see no figures addressing these current developments and continuing additions. 

Where are the stats to support the new bridge, based on a 1930’s design? It certainly doesn’t improve traffic flow.

In reality, how do we have all these issues left unaddressed, no public consultation and a plan to spend over $300 million dollars plus, with no idea on what infrastructure is required to meet yet undetermined demands?

Not surprising the councilors are hiding!

Fremantle, get angry, demand answers from our missing councilors!

White Gum Valley

Diversity push

MANY people would be aware that former prime minister Kevin Rudd has been lobbying lately for a judicial enquiry into media diversity.

His petition garnered a staggering 500,000 signatures or approximately two per cent of Australia’s entire population in only a month or so, if memory serves me correct.

Independent MP Zoe Daniel was going to introduce a motion in parliament before parliament being deferred due to the Queen’s passing.

I have written to my representative in parliament Josh Wilson who has replied that he will not be voting in favour of this motion.

I find this staggering in light of the groundswell support for this enquiry.

I would encourage everyone who can to email Mr Wilson and reiterate the importance of this motion and of his obligation as our representative to support these initiatives.

David Ward

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