Beautiful kismet

In this occasional series, featuring local community radio station Radio Fremantle, we feature Paully and Narda, co-hosts of On Like Donkey Kong from 1-3pm Fridays. Listen live at 107.9 FM or via

NARDA grew up south of the river and loves Fremantle. 

“It’s got eclectic art, music and fashion. I love the shops, cafes and heritage buildings. I love theatre and making clay sculptures and I’ve held an art exhibition and performed in Fremantle.

“I enjoy the relaxed feel and diversity of people in Fremantle.

“I love being a part of Radio Fremantle, it’s an honour to be on air. Paully and I are thrilled to be a part of the team.”

Paully is an actor, singer and atmosphere coordinator, who has specialised in activating Fremantle’s historical places in recent years with his arts collective, Genrefonix, run by the irrepressible Will Axten. 

“I studied voice and acting over east and headed west some 20 years ago, as my good mate Russell told me that Perth was beautiful and had a relaxed vibe that I would embrace and, by George, he was totally right! 


“I met my wife at Mojo’s, while singing in my first band Blindfold. 

“For the better part of 20 years we have travelled and created art together but have always been lured back to our spiritual home of Fremantle. 

“I love Fremantle for it’s gorgeous aesthetic, the cranes, South Beach, the river, music, art and the relaxed, open nature of the Freo locals. I love swimming locally, walking in nature, five-a-side soccer on a Monday night and being a dad, and a pelican!

“Narda and I both did the radio training course and then life took me on a different path with young children keeping me on my toes 24/7! 

“Kismet is a beautiful thing and after reconnecting with Radio Fremantle president David Lauder our show On like Donkey Kong was born. 

“Our show is designed to get your motor running. It’s time to turn that frown upside down with a delightful taste of the fabulously freaky, as we share the love and joy of being alive here on Planet Earth with you and explore what it means to be truly happy! 

“It’s a show to get you up, up, up and all set for a glorious weekend! Fun, curious and creative, with special guest artists and musicians. Featuring special events and shows coming up in Freo and greater Perth. Feel the love!

“Thank you Fremantle for giving us so much, artistically and spiritually. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.”


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