Feel peckish? 

THE Little French Nest has popped up in Fremantle and this francophile is very happy. 

With an interstate guest staying and with so many excellent venues in Freo, it was hard to choose somewhere special for brunch, but our third wheel, Madame Cattan, who really knows her brie from her camembert recommended the Nest.

It went well as we arrived late morning on a sunny Sunday and nabbed a window table. 

Their counter display is impressive: Croque Monsieur, super crisp, well-stuffed baguettes and a number of delicious cakes in the window; and what could be more French than madeleines, even if you’ve not read Proust (Google it). 

Like so many other pretentious foodies I’m happy to make the allusion without having read him either!

The Little French Nest is situated in what was the site of Vivisen Asian restaurant and next to Joy Kitchen, in its humbler days.

It really is a case of location, location: a quick walk from the FOMO building and everything else you might need in Freo; and it’s just round the corner from Spotlight. 

And if you have teenagers and want some quiet time, it’s also just down from the Games Workshop. Of course this could turn out to be an expensive option.

So if you’re looking for more than bacon and eggs, this is the place for you with so many tempting menu choices; including for my GF friend and interstate visitor Chris. 

Coffee is not as good as roasting venues, but that’s to be expected.

But the coffee is fine and the service is friendly and efficient Chris thoroughly enjoyed the Pear Belle-Helene ($18), a perfectly poached pear with a rich chocolate sauce, a little too rich for my taste, though I imagine many of you might disagree; and Chris loved it.

I ordered the Crepe Aumoniere ($19.50).  Reminded me of my brief incarceration as crepe maker at the hole in the wall that what was then Falduzzi. My efforts then were a poor imitation. 

This crepe was miraculously light, containing a variety of meaty mushrooms as suggested by the menu and a delicate but smooth and creamy béchamel. 

It’s not often that what I order fits the bill so exactly. I haven’t tried their crepe suzette yet, but there’s time.

Madame Cattan ordered confit salmon served on a brioche with tzadziki, and a citrus dressing ($23) and was also happy with the generous serve of salmon, and the brioche of course.

This is a dog friendly venue, as long as the pooch stays outside with water and abundant shade provided. For those who want more than bacon and eggs, I’m predicting the Little French Nest is a keeper.

Little French Nest
15 Point Street, Fremantle

Open Monday to Sunday 8am – 2.30pm

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