Letters 22.10.22


IS it a coincidence that Woodside became the main sponsor of the Dockers in 2010 and in 2011 the Dockers jumper became the colours of Woodside?

The port colours of red and green (port and starboard) were thrown away to keep only the colours of the new  sponsor. 

Was this part of the deal?

What little heritage the club had was gone. 

Pat Newton
East Fremantle

Pass the cap

THE magnificent gothic building in Fremantle, St John’s Anglican Church, regularly features concerts by the Perth Bach Society.

Also entertaining are the Sunday services by the ex-Dean of St George’s Cathedral, Reverend John Shepherd. 

As well as preaching the gospel to his engrossed congregation Rev Shepherd regularly intrigues with historic anecdotes.

It appears in years gone by ministries were forbidden to request funds from the general public. It was: “Don’t ask, just wait for gifts”. 

A couple of centuries ago the preacher at Worcester England broke the rule, stating the church needed immediate financial assistance. As soon as he uttered those words the roof fell in.

On a recent Sunday, Rev Shepherd told the story, then made mention that all churches needed tithing assistance – but not before he donned a tin hat.

Suzanne John

Revved up

I’M a resident living on High Street between Ord and Swanbourne streets.

I want to support my neighbour Mirjana who was featured on your front page last week (“Roar wounds,” Herald, October 15, 2022). 

I know the noisy and speeding traffic has caused her great distress.

We could do with speed bumps around here.

I find it impossible to cross the road at times, as the traffic is constant.

The noise of the acceleration is a problem for Mirjana and others, especially those working from home.

As a psychologist, it’s tough for me and my clients to have therapy sessions punctuated by roaring engines.

Bree van de Zuidwind

Come visit

STEVE GRADY should visit the Shipwrecks Museum in Fremantle again to fill in some gaps he has from his school memory. 

He can then read the history of Dirk Hartog who landed on the WA coast and left a plate behind on October 25, 1616. 

Later in 1697 that plate was pick up by Willem de Vlamingh and taken to the Netherlands (it is now in the Rijksmuseum); in 2016 we had a big celebration for 400 years Dirk Hartog and sailed with the Duyfken Replica to Dirk Hartog Island to reveal a new plate for the 400 year anniversary showing that Dirk was there and landed.

I am a volunteer in the Shipwrecks Museum on Tuesday mornings and you are more than welcome to to a tour with me Steve to freshen up your memory! 

Elly Spillekom
Dutch Australian Foundation curator
Shipwrecks Museum volunteer

Former coordinator of Duyfken Replica

The Ed says: Could he be right on a technicality? Hartog stopped on an island – is that part of the coast, or off the coast?

FCO rocks!

DIANE and I just returned from an excellent Fremantle Chamber Orchestra concert. 

Hans Hug, cellist and founding director of FCO, has assembled a remarkably talented orchestra of musicians who are a magnificent addition to the Fremantle arts scene. 

The fact that the City of Fremantle supports such a fabulously talented group speaks well of the direction the council has chosen to follow. 

Writing of this afternoon’s concert; Mr Hug assembled some seldom, if ever played, concert pieces contributing to a marvellous program.

Young Ellie Malonzo wrote a violin concert with its world premiere played superbly by her and the FCO.

After some lovely Haydn and Vivaldi, the final item in this beautiful concert was Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf’s Symphony No. 3, a seldom played piece of Baroque music that was soothing to this older man’s ear.

Tim Johnson

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