Quarry up again

FREMANTLE council will have a fifth go at selling off its old youth and children’s services buildings on Quarry Street, in the hopes of attracting a developer who’ll start building within a year.

The 4133sqm parcel will go on the market for $4.9 million with offers to be submitted to the council and determined in consultation with a real estate agent chosen by the city.

The successful bidder will need to make a 10 per cent deposit on the purchase price within a week of the city accepting the offer.

The council’s business director Matt Hammond said selling 5-15 Quarry Street would be different than previous attempts.


“The land will now be presented for sale in a different configuration as endorsed by council, and now be largely unencumbered given this new configuration goes some way in addressing previous sales conditions prior to the sale”, he said.

Some of those conditions included a requirement for the developer to put a bike path through the middle of the site and amalgamate the various lots that make up the parcel in a short timeframe.

When asked about whether the Council will prioritise affordable housing developments, Mr Hammond said the development would be assessed based on the offers received in the sales process.

“The real estate agent engaged to sell the Quarry Street property is Acton Fremantle,” he said.

Councillor Marija Vujcic voted against selling the land, which has been sitting idle since 2014, arguing there were other uses the council could investigate.


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