Holy Cow!

Fothergills owner David Cooke wants his missing cow back. Photo by Steve Grant.

Rustlers target Freo B&B

A FREMANTLE B&B has fallen victim to a gang of rustlers.

Fothergills of Fremantle has a small herd of fibreglass cows that art-loving owner David Cooke purchased when they were auctioned off after a headline-grabbing exhibition in Cowaramup in 2012.

But recently Dr Cooke discovered that one of his herd, Holy Cow, had been taken. 

Top paddock

Dr Cooke said it probably would have needed a gang to steal Holy Cow, as it had taken six people with ropes to haul it up to the top paddock where it lived; its confinement there was to mask some minor damage by removalists.

But unfortunately the thieves were helped by the sub-division and development of his neighbour’s rear block, as the builders had only put up a temporary fence with no lock, leaving his yard exposed.

Dr Cooke said Holy Cow’s unusual position made it a bit special at Fothergills, as guests often went on a hunt for it to make sense of their wifi password.

Fothergills manager Suzie Llewellyn said they had since received information that the rustlers had lugged it from its home at the top of Ord Street down to Quarry Street in the early hours of the Saturday, December 3.

She says they’re appealing to homeowners and residents in the area to check if they’ve got any CCTV footage of the rustlers, and are prepared to offer a reward for any posse that can track them down.

Dr Cooke said Holy Cow would be a difficult steal to try and palm off to a fence, and being fibreglass wasn’t likely to be melted down, so he’s hoping the thieves were simply larking youths who might be prepared to give it back.

If you’ve got any information on Holy Cow, contact Fothergills of Fremantle on 9335 6784.

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