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• Soukouss Internationale

THERE will be a quirky twist for partygoers when “period preacher” Lucy Peach takes to the stage at the New Year’s Day concert at Fremantle Arts Centre.

Now in its 15th year, the concert will have a feel-good mix of artists with Sunshine Brothers, Soukouss Internationale, Hector Morlet and DJ Butter Chicken on the bill.

They’ll be a lot of dance and party tunes, fusing reggae, soul, pop, funk, afro and world music.

Also appearing will be Peach and her band, who’ll be playing an eclectic mix of songs including some from her hit show My Greatest Period Ever, a funny and heartfelt ode to the menstrual cycle.

Peach has a background as a human biology and sexual health educator and wrote the best-selling book Period Queen, a practical and humorous guide to menstruation.

• Lucy Peach

The singer-songwriter also holds courses and talks at schools, educating young women in a fun and informal manner about periods.

“All of my work is an expression of how I am and being cyclical is a huge part of my inspiration,” Peach says. “It fuels everything I do. Some of the songs from My Greatest Period Ever will indeed feature at the Arts Centre and I can tell you that playing at sunset on new year’s day when I’m day 18 is the kind of trifecta you can’t actually plan and now that’s landed in my lap I intend to milk it for all its worth.

“…my live shows with my six-piece band showcase a dynamic spectrum of energy and emotion and lean into mostly pop and music to move to.”

Following Peach on stage will be the energetic Soukouss Internationale, who play an infectious blend of African song and dance. 

The nine-piece WA band is a multicultural affair with members from countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya, the Congo and Sierra Leone (there’s also a fair dinkum Aussie in there for good measure). 

The band play “soukous” dance music based on the Congolese rumba of the 1960s, but with a higher tempo and longer dance routines.


The music became popular in Paris and London in the 1980s. Featuring dancers, infectious bass lines and rampant percussion, Soukouss Internationale’s music gets everyone in the crowd moving. “We like to teach the audience members some moves!” said lead guitarist Jamie Searle.

“Our style is classic soukouss mixed with a bit of modern Afrobeats. We are influenced by Congolese artists like Awilo Longomba, Kanda Bongo Man Extra Musica, Kofi Olomide and Fally Ipupa.

“The band was formed by Quentin Thony (lead vocals) and myself a few years back out of a shared love of Congolese music.

“A little later we bought in guitarist Mahamudo Selimane from Mozambique who has toured the world playing this kind of music. We have a few members living in Fremantle, including Mahamudo.”

The New Year’s Day concert at FAC will be held from 5pm-10pm. Tix at 


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