A new glow in East Freo

LA LUNE on George St has big shoes to fill. 

It’s in a great location and has been home to a number of excellent establishments. 

Locals will probably recall the George St Bistro run by Soren Koberstein and Sabine Treder, who enjoyed a decade-long tenure before moving to Juniper & Bay. 

Now it is La Lune, which Madame Cattan and I had been meaning to try for a while now and we finally made it there for a leisurely Sunday lunch. 

With an extensive menu to choose from, I’m afraid we both went for the roast chicken. 

I was pretty keen especially since this smartfoodmama has issues roasting chicken. 

There, I said it! 

At $24 the half chicken we each received was a perfectly roasted chicken; tender and juicy. 

We also ordered crunchy fries and a fresh salad. 

This was a perfect Sunday roast. 

La Lune has an extensive wine selection, but we abstained.

Madame was not going to share dessert so we settled for rather good coffees and a stroll around the gorgeous streets of East Fremantle where we “um’d and ah’d” over the gorgeous renovations and beautiful gardens of this picturesque precinct. 

I presume that La Lune like many other hospitality venues is having trouble finding staff because the youngsters on duty seemed a little under the pump and inexperienced. 

Didn’t we get a shock, though, when we went to the counter to find a sign saying: “We do not accept cash payment”. 

There are reasons for doing this, as it’s clearly easier and safer for management. But why not say so on the menu? According to their website they don’t take bookings either.

I could shrug this off as yet another sign that I’m no longer of a relevant generation, but I remain nostalgic for the days when restaurateurs actually embraced the idea of hospitality.

La Lune
73 George St, East Fremantle
6246 6566
Open 7am from Wed-Sun.
Walk-ins only.
Dinner Friday and Saturday.
Catch me at (smartfoodmama@gmail.com) 

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