Regal slice 

PRINCE Harry spent a lot of time banging on about his todger in his memoir Spare, but another quirky titbit was his love of “posh” fish fingers in his childhood, served under a silver dome by royal footmen.

Inspired by this life changing revelation – the posh fish fingers, not the frostbitten todger – I decided to give Posh Pizza a whirl in Bicton.

I had steered clear of the eatery as the whole concept of “posh” ingredients on a pizza was a bit alien to me – like casting Laurence Olivier in an episode of Prisoner: Cell Block H. 

I like my burgers and pizzas to be well-made and classic with only a few traditional toppings.

But in the spirit of Harry baring everything on the page for Spare, I decided to give the regal, ermine-robed pizzeria a go.

Posh’s menu had a large range of traditional, chicken, seafood, vegetarian and chef’s special pizzas (gluten free base available), as well as a small range of sides, drinks and desserts.

The traditional was as expected, but did have a few curve balls including a pizza with Turkish sausage.

Things got interesting as you moved into the chicken range with pizzas including Thai chicken with red curry base, smoked chicken breast, and a hot and spicy number with tomato kasundi base, fresh chilli, marinated chicken, baby spinach and pesto.

It started to get really swanky in the seafood section which included lemongrass seafood pizza, Thai prawns and a Tuscan Pizza with marinated king prawns.

And last but not least, Jarred’s Special Pizza was an interesting cacophony of ham, Italian sausage, onion, pineapple, capsicum, feta and jalapenos.

Usually pizza joints have a family meal deal or specials like three for x, but I couldn’t easily find any at Posh, so when we ordered three pizzas to share it came to $78.50. Pretty pricey.

However, the lemongrass seafood pizza ($28.50) was definitely worth the admission price.

I’ve has some bad experiences with seafood pizzas – ranging from full-on food poisoning to tiny rubber prawns the size of Prince Harry’s …… – but this was a glorious tribute to the ocean with perfectly cooked fish, scallops, marinated king prawns and calamari.

This was high quality seafood; the marinated prawns particularly plump and tasty.

Accompanying the fishy bonanza was coriander, lime and a swirl of chilli mayonnaise.

It could have all been overpowering if it wasn’t for the lemongrass base, which refreshed your palate in-between mouthfuls of fish and chilli mayo. This truly was a pizza worthy of the Duke of Sussex.

The Thai Chicken Pizza ($26) came with a little tub of Thai dipping sauce, which was quirky if a tad pretentious.

My wife “Special K” is not a seafood fan, so she hoed into the Thai chicken which included red curry base, coriander, spring onion and bean sprouts.

“The pizza base is top notch with just the right crispiness and chewiness around the crust,” she said.

“The ingredients are a level above you’d normally get, and I like the balance of flavours between the chilli, roast capsicum and Thai chicken. It never gets too spicy to mask the flavour.

“The dipping sauce is a bit pointless though and doesn’t really add anything.”

Across the table, my young kids were sharing a Margherita pizza ($24).

Without any prompting, they noted it tasted different and better than the pizzas we usually get; wolfing down the roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and bocconcini.

If you’re after a seafood pizza, I would definitely give Posh Pizza a go as it was one of the best I’ve had. We enjoyed our meal, but some more offers would make it affordable for a family on a regular basis.

Posh Pizza
Bicton Central Shopping Centre
258 Canning Highway, Bicton


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