Help for vegan guru

Juicy Beetroot has had to close its doors after owner Shantanu suffered a stroke. File photo.

FREMANTLE’S healthy-eating community has rallied around Juicy Beetroot owner Shantanu after the owner of the city’s revered vegetarian cafe suffered a stroke while working.

The former Buddhist monk was found unconscious by a staff member when they arrived for work on February 6 and rushed to hospital where he’s now on a “huge healing journey”, but his illness has forced the Tum Tum Tree Lane cafe to close the doors.

Juicy Beetroot is renowned for its clientelle of dreadlocked hippies through to suited managers who are drawn by Shantanu’s colourful salads and vegetable bakes.

Laurie Earl is a big fan and friend, and says Shantanu was often in the kitchen at 5am prepping the 12 -14 salads he provides each day.

Mr Earl says he and some other friends are considering organising a fundraiser for Shantanu, as while he’s convalescing the cafe’s bills will still keep coming, but in the meantime staff have organised a gofundme page which is hoping to raise $50,000.

In a recent post to the cafe’s Facebook page, they said that Shantanu had been showing signs of improvement, sitting up and even making some jokes about his cooking. 

An adherent of The Hugging Saint Mata Amritanandamayi, often known as Amma, he’d been discussing her blessings. “There was more light in his eyes this afternoon,” they said.

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