H-Bomb bows out with a belt

Hayden Wright took out Sasha Bobojcov in the first round with a crushing overhand punch.

YANGEBUP slugger Hayden Wright has finished his rollercoaster career with a title belt and his first knockout since 2016.

Wright fought back to take out the Journeyman’s belt at the Gold Coast Croatian Sports Centre on February 17 after admitting to being rattled by a crunching overhand punch from professional debutante Sasha Bobojcov in the first round.

Wright said he was a bit stunned by the win himself, as he had a terrible preparation, which included a delayed flight which saw him sleeping in the airport the night before the bout.

He also forgot to bring his hand tape to the match and had to borrow another boxer’s.

“I was more nervous than eight years ago for my first fight,” Wright told the Herald.

“But I said ‘I am winning this, I have come this far’.”

Flight disruptions meant sleeping in the airport on the way to the fight, but a belt on the way back made up for it.

Wright had a subsitute coach for the fight who suggested he try to push for a victory in the later rounds, but after his distracted preparation and the crunching first-minute punch he decided to make his move early.

“Then I was looking and loooking and hit him with a body shot and he just crumbled,” he said, the fight ending at 2:18.

Wright said his social media “blew up” after his win, but he’s committed to retiring this time and says apart from running his local gym, where he mentors kids in need, he’s got a gig promoting the Journeyman belt.

He’s also keen to train up to become a referee or a timekeeper in future.

Wright says after another delayed flight, he found himself arriving back in Perth at 1am, only to have to front up to work at Activ Foundation by 7am; the short sleep was compensated for by a “little party” amongst colleagues and clients to celebrate his win.


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