Melville parts ways with CEO

Marten Tielemann

MELVILLE council is parting ways with CEO Marten Tieleman.  

The decision was made on Tuesday April 3 at a special council meeting, where Mr Tieleman’s request for a one-year contract renewal was rejected.  

“Marten’s contract was due to expire on Monday November 20, 2023 and the council made the decision to cease his contract of employment on this date,” mayor George Gear said.  

Mr Tieleman had asked for an extra year to “support the city through a period of change”. 

“Marten has been a very serviceable and competent CEO. But from time to time, you need change,” Mr Gear said. 

“The council believes that a fresh start, as soon as possible, was something that the city would benefit from. 

“I am a great believer in turning over elected officials because you can’t stay in a position too long.”  

Mr Gear said he would like to see a new CEO bring in a new managerial style, hoping they would be able to recognise the changes needed at the City.  

“Marten and I will continue to work together to help deliver for our community and achieve our vision of an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable future,” Mr Gear said.

“The details of the Chief Executive Officer recruitment will be worked through in the coming weeks.” 

Mr Tieleman started at Melville council as its manager of financial services in June 1991. He moved to Darwin for eight years to work at the city council before returning to Melville in March 2002 as the director of corporate services. 

He was appointed CEO in November 2018, replacing Shayne Silcox.

Meanwhile, Cockburn council has appointed a new CEO after months of searching.  Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett said Daniel Simms would take up the position in the new financial year.  

“Mr Simms has extensive experience in local government in both metropolitan and regional Western Australia, working across many disciplines including planning and development, finance and administration, governance, and strategic planning. 

“He has been CEO at the City of Wanneroo since 2009,” Mr Howlett said. 

“Mr Simms has a keen interest in advocacy and economic development, as well as governance, which are key focus areas for the City of Cockburn.”  

Cockburn has been operating with an unusual arrangement of three acting CEOs since Tony Brun left at the end of 2022 to take up a position as CEO of Victorian airport Avalon.

One response to “Melville parts ways with CEO

  1. How do you get change with Local Government CEO;s when they are all from the Purple circle and just pop up elsewhere even when they left their last job under a cloud.

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