Study boost   

• Melville Senior High School student Arshitha Shaik.

A BRIGHT and hardworking year nine pupil at Melville Senior High School has won a scholarship to continue studying and fulfil her potential.

Arshitha Shaik’s mum can only work part-time and money is tight for essential school stuff like textbooks and a computer, so the Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarship – worth more than $20,000 over four years – will be invaluable.

Shaik’s long-term goal is to become a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist.

“Something that I’m passionate about is helping people,” she says.

“I love making people laugh and feel happy and I love helping with their problems. I also love analysing people and figuring them out.

“I therefore really want my career to be something in medicine. More specifically psychology. Helping someone every day get to a better place in life.”

With more than 700 applicants from WA public schools, Shaik was just one of 19 female students selected for the Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarship.

The Foundation is an Australian charity that supports high potential but socio-economically disadvantaged girls across the nation.

Foundation managing director Cara Varian says Shaik’s work ethic and academic flair caught her eye.

“She sets her sights high, she’s prepared to work hard and sacrifice to reach her goals and she is clearly an academically talented student who will flourish with the sort of helping hand that our scholarships provide,” Varian says.

“Arshitha has shown great determination to get to where she is, and we believe this scholarship will provide her with a much deserved shot of support as she pursues her academic and career dreams.”

Right now Shaik is busy cramming for a big year at school.

“My next major milestone in my academics, other than my end of year exams, are ATAR which I plan to excel in as well getting at least a 90,” she says.

“I commit to these studies by striving to wake up early in the morning to get an hour of studying/completing my homework done and getting in an hour of studying/homework in the afternoon.

“This scholarship means a new beginning for me. To start afresh with new things, a new mindset and a new smile everyday.”

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