Buffs bounce

FREMANTLE’S Buffalo Club is is having another go at getting back on solid economic ground and is looking at leasing out its top floor as a revenue earner.

Like most of the social clubs in the port city, the Buffs have struggled for a few years, with the Herald hearing rumours a brewing company had been sniffing around with an eye to taking over the club’s High Street premises.

Vice president Neil Porter said he hadn’t heard about that, but said they’d been looking into a “long-term loan” to address maintenance issues he says are holding them back.

The club’s second floor is an “enormous” open space capable of hosting 200 punters; Mr Porter said it was once “a great drawcard but these days isn’t so much”.

“That could be used for so many different things.” 

Mr Porter said a few organisations had shown an interest and the club hopes they’ll be able to support the local music, arts, and exercise scene while picking up extra members themselves.

Since a new committee came in, the Buffaloes have bumped up their numbers from 90 to around 230, with the younger people coming in for music shows particularly putting a smile on their members’ faces.

The committee is hoping for a bit of an indoor sports revival through darts, pool and a new and extremely popular ping pong table.

“People like to compete with one another,” Mr Porter said.


Luke Kordyl’s back at the Buffalo Club with a new line-up and a new single.

A Freo icon that’s singing my tune

AFTER six years building up his musical chops in London, Freo guitarist Luke Kordyl is back in front of a band and chose the Buffalo Club for the launch of their single Paper Scissors Rock & Roll.

“The Buffalo club is such an iconic Freo venue,” Kordyl said.

“Putting on these sorts of events there not only helps draw awareness to the club, it’s a great size room for underground bands like us to play. 

“Being a members’ club, if we can drum up some business from them as well, we can keep this venue going and have a great place in the heart of town for local musicians to put on shows.”

Kordyl says the single is a new era for the band and they’ve got a “fresh live line-up and a bunch of new songs to be released”.

Joining them next Friday April 28 from 7.30pm will be WAM award winner Finn Pearson with his full band, neosoul outfit Sago and Shy Atom.

After that Paper Scissors Rock & Roll goes out on all streaming platforms.

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