Letters 22.4.23


AGREED Bob Sommerville…

You hit the spot with your letter concerning the current state of poor old Freo (“Yes, but…” Herald Letters, April 15, 2023).

We’re long time residents circa 1985. We love Freo, we love coming into town.

However, the past few times we’ve visited have been very disappointing for all the reasons that Bob gave, as well as the neglect of verges and pavements.

Council – I know for a fact that many of your residents have recently moved north, south, and east to live in more caring, responsible council catchments.

Please take note Freo council. 

Susan Davidson
White Gum Valley

Me too

I REFER to the letter entitled “Yes, but…” by Bob Sommerville, that appeared in last week’s edition (April 15, 2023).

Personally, I thought that this was a great letter.

I agree that the City of Fremantle shouldn’t have spent that money on what certainly appears to be a ‘propaganda mission’ in support of the ‘Yes’ vote.

Surely the people of Fremantle are intelligent and mature enough to make up their minds about this matter and don’t need any assistance from an organisation.

The money could have been spent on something more suitable, exactly like the examples that Bob mentioned in his letter.

I would also include another one and that is to make Fremantle more family friendly at night.

So well done Bob and more power to the people of Freo.

Steve Grady


I WISH to thank you for allowing my point of view with your opposing response, although I do not necessarily agree with your replying comments (“Standards,” Herald Letters, April 8, 2023).  

Building construction and crop harvesting also relates to population, i.e. supply and demand, which is out of balance due to Australian government ‘reactionary’ planning.  

Again, thank you for a refreshingly democratic Herald newspaper in a growing world of political censorship.

James Nicholson

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