THOUGHTS in considering what could be done with the empty shops and entertainment venues around Fremantle.

It is clear they may not become renewed businesses until there is a significant increase in population in the immediate and surrounding areas, which seems is something that is a long way off. 

So, what could be done? 

Before sharing an idea, I will share a mantra I always used when managing teams of people; “don’t think of the problems, think of the solutions”. 

Fremantle is very fortunate in attracting a lot of daycationers 

and staycationers, and now there is a regular influx of cruise ship passengers. 

Unfortunately for a lot of these people there isn’t always the time, or the means to explore everything WA has to offer. 

This is where an empty thought comes to mind. 

Imagine if the vacant premises around Fremantle CBD became expo sites for regional towns to display what they have to offer in a way that connects with the five senses. 

Imagine an empty site in Collie Steet showcasing Denmark by displaying wonderous nature photos of the area and showcasing locally made homewares gourmet delights and wines, and another showcasing the attributes of the Kimberleys. 

What about a taste of Margaret River somewhere in High Street? 

Thinking of solutions rather than problems would require a lot of collaboration and between Fremantle city council, landlords and regional shires and businesses interested in putting on a showcase. 

Could such an idea bring more vibrancy to the empty buildings in our unique and wonderful city?

David Robinson
via email

Just a thought

MINING and energy companies spend millions of dollars buying carbon credits and planting trees in third-world countries to offset their own CO2 output.

This practice has always been seen as questionable, a cop-out and not an honest effort to reduce pollution. 

What if those same companies set up an investment fund here 

in Australia, to subsidize the EV infrastructure we so desperately need to catch up with the rest of the world? 

Home battery installation would become more affordable for many people who want to buy an EV. 

The mining and energy giants would get a pat on the back from the government for making a real difference to the economy, and their carbon credits would be far more credible!


Sinking feeling

MILITARY top brass have repeatedly stated over the years that submarines are out-of-date; obsolete equipment with no place in modern warfare.

So what are we doing?

Second-hand USA atomic steam kettles, I call them, with the fuel processed from yellowcake uranium and bizarely the waste far too hot for any of our states to take and store any time soon.

They didn’t give that enough thought before leaping in head first.

I can see right through this; my worst fears are happening.

The real agenda is for this to be a stepping stone to push a stubborn, nuclear-resistant country into all things nuclear.

I know how the slhy, evil money types think and behave.

Brad Capes

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