Super push for NTEU

MP Josh Wilson addresses union members and students while branch leader Patrick Hampton (centre) looks on.

NATIONAL Tertiary Education Union members gathered at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle last week to raise awareness about an upcoming pay deal.

Notre Dame education lecturer and union branch leader Patrick Hampton opened the gathering by discussing the significance of May Day for the labour movement.

Mr Hampton along with others will be fighting for “pay and conditions that show that staff are valued”.

He said Notre Dame staff needed to have an agreement in place that showed it was a good work environment where they could excel in delivering quality education for students.

Federal Fremantle MP Josh Wilson attended the event to offer his support to the staff.

Mr Wilson said the quality of experience for students relied on the experience of staff.

“Staff conditions are student conditions,” he said.

Mr Wilson said the staff of Notre Dame were passionate about their work but needed assistance. “There needs to be good faith and trust,” he said.

Union representative Beth Cole said the union was fighting for a fair academic workload and more parental leave.

She said Notre Dame staff members are paid less than other universities in Western Australia, and are paid 13 per cent superannuation instead of the 17 per cent given by other universities in the state.

Mr Hampton said they were also looking for increased job security, asking for a guaranteed path into permanent employment for Notre Dame’s casual-heavy workforce. And following a year of major staffing cut-backs, they are also seeking a cap on restructuring.

by Madeleine Vandeness,  Lola Hill, Leila Ricupero and Dayna Madaffari

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