The dawning of great biking

• Freo’s mountain bike trails had a quietish opening (below), but local riders have been loud in their praise. Photos by Stefan Lam.

BOOYEEMBARA PARK’S new mountain bike trails have been a hit since their unofficial opening last month.

Fremantle mayor Hannah Fitzhardinge said she’d been getting accounts of kids donning their skid lids before dawn to make sure they could fit in a circuit or two before school

Ms Fitzhardinge says she’s taken that as a vote of confidence from the city’s young residents.

Fremantle Mountain Biking Collective spokesperson Sam Wilkinson, whose unofficial but low-key trail helped spark the project and win over the park’s community guardians, was thrilled with the final result.

“I really love that both trails are feature-packed and progressive, allowing riders to develop skills,” Mr Wilkinson told the Herald. 


He believes the compact trails are a perfect length for skills development, allowing riders to hit 20 to 30 features and only have to ride a few minutes back to the top to go again. 

“Many young people are less interested in riding up long hills and more interested in linking jumps together on a flowing trail.”

He says this makes it great for skills practice, while still being a magnet for more advanced riders.

“Mountain biking is inherently dangerous and it is super important that people ride to their ability and slowly build their skills before trying to ‘send it’,” Mr Wilkinson said when asked about advice for beginners.

“If parents are letting their kids ride the trails, make sure they have a full-face helmet, knee and elbow pads and seriously consider a neck brace.

“Always wear safety equipment, and please don’t try the black run until your skills are well developed.”

With Boo Pak’s popularity, Mr Wilkinson hopes other councils will look at something similar in their areas.


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