Letters 24.6.23

It’s OK

IT is ok not to like the new Coles development.

It is ok to resent the machines instead of people.

It is ok to wish for the old Hilton SupaA IGA. 

It is ok and quite un-extraordinarily normal. 

Shelley James

The best?

IS what’s being proposed for North Fremantle, stand-alone, single residences, the best we can do in 2023? (“Call for bigger beach buffer,” Herald, May 27, 2023).

With such limited coastal land that remains this area can accommodate three to four towers of 10-12 storeys, including underground car parking.

That would encourage much more green space, with increased setbacks, a reconsidered access, improved public transport facilities both rail and buses, lessening repetitive installation of utilities and infrastructure; water, lighting, butumenising, curbing, etc.

The current option will create a car gridlock, traffic congestion, a lifeless environment, no green space, a blanket of roofing, increased air-con units, increased further heat generation.

This thinking is antiquated.

Lifeless, not in keeping with lessening the human footpring, that we are reminded of at every turn.

As an example, use Google Earth and focus in on the 6,500sq kilometres that is Perth; a carpet off roofing, air-conditioners, no external parking, traffic congestion to and from work.

We need to take time and rethink how much limited land remains.

In my view this expansive suburb mentality is redundant.

Michele Corbo
North Fremantle

Optimistic or naive?

I REFER to the article entitled ‘Freo AUKUS Protest’ that appeared in your last edition (Herald, June 17, 2023).

I don’t know if these people are wonderfully optimistic or just plain naive. For our nation to survive, we need to cultivate our relationships with our allies and ‘beef up’ our military capabilities.

What I would like to see them do is go and protest outside the Chinese embassy, as their military buildup makes ours look miniscule.

More importantly, they should appreciate that they have the right to protest in this country.

If they were in numerous other countries, this activity would have probably got them a ‘room without a view’ and some unwanted physical attention. 

Therefore, I think that they should be grateful that they live in a democracy and remember, that as a wise man once said, ‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance’.

Steve Grady

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