Save the wall

THE Heritage Council writes (online) that “The Convict Establishment Conservation Area is defined as the area bounded by Henderson St and Henderson St Mall, south east along South Tce to Alma Street …” etc.

The Convict Establishment Conservation Area therefore includes the wall along South Terrace, built by convicts, and which was formerly the southern boundary of the Establishment, and is now threatened with partial demolition for the building of the new Police Complex.

It should come under the protection accorded to such an important historical site.

Garry Gillard

Not easy

AS a member of the Fremantle Park Club I know there are problems (“Fremantle Park Club hits trouble,” Herald, July 1, 2023). 

The CEO was paid a large salary that was probably not feasible. 

There have been problems with cars being vandalised at the parking area near the tennis courts; the council had promised to concrete the parking area and install security cameras, this was never done. 

Whilst it is a lovely club, things were done in haste and the council’s chickens are coming home to roost. 

The president of the Worker’s Club is doing his best to make money, with various concert nights that are very successful, however he is playing a lone hand at the moment. 

Clubs are hard to keep going, as younger people in this age of social media only go to places they read about on their social webpages.

Clubs like the Park Centre need more publicity and a concerted drive to win members. 

The winter weather has not helped either, but the council should do something regarding security in the area. 

Geoff Dunstone

Onya Nick

FOLLOWING Cr Nick Pazolli’s endeavour to drive the 2023/24 Melville budget down to 5 per cent, rather than the 8 per cent requested by administration, I decided to listen in, twice, to the council debate on the issue.

Cr Pazolli was very articulate in his pitch to his fellow councillors, reflecting his long and involved experience on council, and his deep understanding of the budget process showed, and was ultimately supported 9/4. 

Good news for ratepayers. 

Well done Cr Pazolli.

As an outside observer, I think that whatever the increase was decided to be, it was likely an arbitrary percentage decided up front and a percentage increase on the previous year, as is often the case with top down budgeting. 

Max FitzGibbon

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