Did you know one Australian is diagnosed with melanoma every 30 minutes? Let’s debunk common misconceptions.

MYTH: Skin cancer isn’t deadly.
FACT: Every five hours, one Australian dies from skin cancer.

MYTH: Skin cancer only affects older Australians.
FACT: Melanoma is the most common cancer in young Australians aged 15-39.

MYTH: Only people spending lots of time outside need to worry about skin cancer.
FACT: 10 minutes in the sun can cause permanent cell damage.

MYTH: People with skin that easily tans won’t get skin cancer.
FACT: Tanning is the first sign of skin trauma.

MYTH: There is no need to worry about skin cancer in winter.
FACT: High UV levels in Australia cause skin cancer all-year round.Winter is an ideal time to get your professional skin check for post-summer damage control.

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