A funky brunch with soul Sisters

IT’S a sunny Sunday morning and the sky is so blue you’d think its summer. 

But its definitely winter because the air is artic. 

My grandies and I briskly walk towards a street corner that is brimming of light chatter and faint coffee grinder hums. 

I had been told Sayers Sister do breakfasts right, so here we are.

The café has been around several years now, and while I don’t reside in this neck of the woods, I have heard they have a large, local following who come in on regular basis. 

When we approach the café front, we notice there isn’t a bum off a seat in sight, minus the couple of small tables in the café’s patio. 

But they catch the best of the frosty wind off the corner, and we collectively decide we feel cold just looking at the dew-dropped tables. 

That and the fact if we were to sit there my Dida would complain that he was catching a cold.

Inside its cozy and bustling, but all tables are occupied. 

The café is beaming with smiling brunch-goers. 

The few that aren’t smiling, sport large sunglasses and are relying on their hearty meal to soak their Saturday night seediness (myself included). 

Even the waitperson grins, before telling me apologetically that we will be added to the short waiting list. 

I guess Sunday 10am is equal to peak hour traffic, in the brunch world. 

And with 15 minutes now to spare, I have time to observe the café as a third-party of sorts.

Plates of delectable, home-baked looking pies, muffins and cakes float around. 

As do usual suspects of eggs benny and big style breakfasts. 

They also look well done around here, with fair sizing and pretty presentation. 


There’s an eclectic, European, garden vibe created by hanging chandelier lights and other intricate, quirky vintage décor. 

Some walls are made of exposed brick work, others are painted in pastel purple and greens, and some are even made up of old doors. Very cool.

When we eventually get seated inside, it’s warm and the smell of coffee trails the air. 

The menu definitely leans savoury, and its dishes appear sensible but flavour-matched. 

It’s also decent in size, and there are several dishes everyone is tossing up to pick.

Nana decides on French toast with poached pear, maple cream cheese and bacon ($23), Dida does the design your own eggs on toast option ($29), and I go with the fun sounding Nutella cheesecake waffles with vanilla ice cream, Nutella cream cheese, maple syrup and caramelised white choc crumble ($22).  

We think the pricing is reasonable for this day and age.

While in the queue to order, 

I see into the kitchen. It’s pretty large which is good to see. Also, the staff seem to be task focused but enjoying themselves. 

It wasn’t long before our order came, nicely presented. 

My Nutella waffles is a singular, chocolate waffle and if it weren’t for its tasteful toppings of crunchy hazelnuts, dollops of Nutella-flavoured cream cheese, fresh mint and strawberries I would be in some trouble. Although a good sweetness level, its uninspired and on the dry side. 

I am scratching my head to where the white chocolate crumble component is too.  Overall, it narrowly satisfied my sweet tooth, and left me wanting more.

Across from me, besides an icy poached pear, Nana had nothing but good feedback for her French toast. 

“Everything goes together, the bacon, the syrup, the toast. Presentation is top quality, and that alone gets your tastebuds excited.”

As for Dida’s fried eggs with extras of hashbrowns, spinach and bacon, he said it was all well done. Special compliments were given to the ciabatta bread, which he said was crunchy and delicious.

We agreed the design your own eggs on toast menu layout was impressive and something other cafes should take note of.

Coffees were not hot, but they came out delicious at a medium-strong strength. 

“They cater very well for a high traffic spot,” Nana says. “(Its’) Busier than any fish market,” Dida adds.

Sayers Sisters was a great time, and besides my menu miss, and a few temperature falls, it’s confirmed they know how to make a good coffee and flavour-rounded breakfasts staples.

I would visit again to try a savory breakfast or one of their home-baked goodies. And if I lived closer it would definitely be a contender for chilled coffee meetups.


Sayers Sister
236 Lake St, Perth

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