A classic

IN this occasional series, featuring local community radio station Radio Fremantle, we feature Rob Wells, who broadcasts ‘Classic Tracks’ every Friday from 11am-1pm. You can listen live at 107.9 FM or via http://www.radiofremantle.com.au live or later, through the archived shows on the website.

RADIO FREMANTLE provides a wide range of programming to cater for many differing parts of the Fremantle community. 

The station has close to 60 presenters, with 10 different spoken languages. 

Many have been with the station since it first went on air in 1987 and many others have a very long association with the station. 

Community radio is a great training ground and Radio Fremantle offers its presenters the opportunity to present their music and spoken word in a friendly and inviting environment. 

The station involves many parts of the local community, including local musicians and artists, interviews and community event announcements.

Rob Wells and his wife moved to Perth in the middle of a pandemic in 2020 and was keen to find a radio station to become involved in. 

Having been involved in community radio in Tasmania, Rob was happy to be a part in Radio Fremantle as it was very similar to where he started in radio.

“Our move to WA started in 2019 when we left Tasmania and spent six months travelling through Perth and South West WA in our caravan. 

“During our time here my wife and I decided that a move to Perth was for us. 

“We returned to Tasmania in late 2019 to pack up our things. 

“Because of the pandemic we were forced to purchase a house online, we then had to gain entry back to the state; not easy at the time with border closures, but happy to now be a part of the wonderful lifestyle the city provides.

“In Tasmania I became involved in radio back in 1982 when a group of enthusiasts came together to apply for an FM broadcast licence.

“I was involved in presenter training, seeking out new announcers and designing a program guide for the station. 

“We built all the equipment and conducted several test transmissions to prove to the broadcast authorities that we could provide a community-based radio station, City Park Radio finally gaining a licence in 1986. 

“I then had 35 years on air presenting a program called Reeling in the Years which featured only music of the 60s and 70s. I see myself as someone who has a love of music of many different genres.

“I grew up in the 60s when music did not fall into quite so many categories as now, music blended, so in my show Classic Tracks on Friday from 11am – 1pm I look at a wide range of music from Rock, Blues, R&B and more along with events in music history over the decades. 

“My role at the station also involves co-ordinating our many presenters in programming and producing sponsor and station promos along with assisting the many multicultural programs Radio Fremantle puts to air.”

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