LETTERS 29.7.23

Flag flying

NOT sure if anyone else has noticed it but over recent years the dilution of importance of our singular national identity at official government events has diminished.

At the same time the inclusion of both the Aboriginal and TSI flags increased in prominence alongside our own national flag.

Like a crayfish placed in cold water and slowly bought to the boil, it is unaware it is destined to die. This metaphor came to mind when watching the official announcement by the Prime Minister of the new Reserve Bank governor. 

Behind the dignitaries were the usual three flags, but this time the large one front and centre was red, black and yellow. 

The nation’s own internationally recognised flag had been relegated to a subservient sideshow.

Faced with this escalating orchestrated covert erosion of Australia’s national identity by vested interests, I feel I am entitled to register a protest at this deliberate insult to all Australians and the inability of both state and federal governments to recognise this manufactured cultural treason.

Daryl Binning
Bull Creek

Above par

MY name is Jack Ebbs and I’m a long-time member of Melville Glades Golf Club.

Recently we had our annual Founders Cup Competition and sorry to say I didn’t win, but I did put together a little poem for the occasion and I thought I would like to share it with your readers.

Melville Glades 50 years
Our club has been here for 50 years
Built by the members with blood sweat and tears
There’s not many of them left now
And the reason why
They’ve gone to that big course up in the sky
Now in their honour we have to strive
To keep our beautiful Golf Course alive
Though times are tough, if we all work together
We will find a way to make things better
The past 50 years we cannot ignore
So let’s raise out glasses to 50 more
And say thanks to those who paved the way
To give us what we have today
Melville Glades simply the best
We are the envy of the rest

Jack Ebbs

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