Rally for forests

CONSERVATION groups in WA are gathering at Parliament House next Saturday, August 12, to rally for further cutbacks to logging in native forests.

Organised by the Bob Brown Foundation, the rally is part of a nationwide protest aimed at ending logging in native forests, though both WA and Victoria are set to end their contributions to the industry by year-end.

The WA rally will also emphasise the need to bolster protection from clearing and mining activities that continue to threaten the state’s woodlands and wildlife.

Rally organiser Paddy Cullen said: “Our Black Cockatoos are in trouble, and Australia’s dismal extinction rate for mammals demands immediate action. 

• Acllaimed performer Madelaine Antoine will be playing at the rally.

“This is our chance to reverse the tide of biodiversity loss and climate change.”

Wilderness Society WA manager Tim Clifford said the situation was grave.

“We need to halt mining in the northern jarrah forest, protect more of it, and recognise its conservation value,” Mr Clifford said.

“The consequences of inaction will be dire, and future generations will lament the irreversible losses.”

The rally will feature classical music performances by internationally renowned Fremantle artist Madelaine Antoine, who is an ardent supporter of preserving forests and woodlands, particularly the Cockburn Wildlife link.

“Our state seems to prioritise corporate interests over the environment, leading to unnecessary mining, wave parks, and road construction at the expense of our forests, biodiversity, endangered species, and climate,” Ms Antoine said.

“It’s time for the government to listen and act to protect what little we have left for the sake of future generations.”

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