Applications Open for WA Heritage Grants

Applications Open for WA Heritage Grants: A Boost for State Registered Heritage Places

Western Australia’s Heritage Grants Program has now opened, offering a total of $1.221 million in funding for conservation works and engagement projects for State Registered Heritage Places. 

The program aims to revitalise and preserve heritage places, encouraging the public to reconnect with history while supporting economic recovery and creating local job opportunities. 

The 2023-24 Heritage Grants Program budget has been allocated with $1 million for the State Heritage Grants funding stream and the remaining balance for the Community Heritage Grants stream. 

Eligible not-for-profit organisations, businesses, and local governments can apply for the Community Heritage Grants, which support innovative community engagement activities and interpretation projects related to State Registered Heritage Places or local heritage-listed sites. 

Planning, Lands and Heritage

Last year’s Heritage Grants Program received 45 applications, with 32 applying for the State Heritage Grants stream and 13 for the Community Heritage Grants stream. A total of 38 grants were awarded, benefiting various heritage properties across the state. 

The Heritage Grants Program, spanning over 26 years, has provided over $25 million in funding to safeguard and celebrate Western Australia’s unique heritage. The grants have supported a wide range of conservation projects, cultural landscape plans, and feasibility studies, contributing to the preservation and appreciation of the state’s rich history. 

In recent years, several Fremantle properties have been recognized and honored with heritage awards. These properties have successfully combined historic preservation with modern functionality, contributing to the charm and character of the local community. The previous award-winning properties include the historic Fremantle Markets, renowned for its unique Victorian-era architecture, and the convict-built Fremantle Prison, which has been transformed into a popular tourist attraction and cultural site. 

Heritage Minister David Templeman said the program provided support for physical conservation works, community engagement activities, and interpretation projects that celebrate Western Australia’s past. He encouraged heritage owners and local heritage managers to take advantage of the grant opportunity and apply before the deadline on Friday, 4 August 2023. 

“I’m pleased that the Heritage Grants Program can again fund conservation projects that support conservation and generate economic activity throughout this diverse and exciting State,” Mr Templeman said. 

For more information and to apply for the 2023- 24 Heritage Grants Program, interested parties can visit the official website at heritage-grants. This program presents a valuable opportunity for heritage enthusiasts to play an active role in preserving the state’s cultural heritage and ensuring its legacy for future generations. 

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