Blaze destroys boat and jetski in marina

A BOAT and a jetski were destroyed by a huge blaze in the Port Coogee marina on Thursday morning.

Firefighters took just a few minutes to put out the flames when the arrived, much to the relief of the owner of a much larger cruiser docked next door who tried tackling the blaze with his own hose.

• The jetski drifted off from the main fire, adding to more concerns to neighbouring boaties. Photo courtesy Phil Eva

By that time the flames were put out, the 9.1 metre boat was a write-off. It was believed to have been sparked by an electrical fault.

Photos show the jetski had drifted away from the main fire.

Cockburn councillor Phil Eva was having coffee at the nearby Dome when a friend sent him an image of the fire.

“So I went outside and there was a huge cloud of smoke blowing over the marina,” Cr Eva said.

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