All-day feast

Nestled between a barber shop and an oriental food store in Winthrop, Hawker’s Cafe is quite spacious after expanding into the vacant space next door.

While not a café in the traditional sense, finding a seat during the lunch rush can be difficult. It’s definitely a popular option, whether you bring your family or dine alone. 

There are a variety of dishes on offer including authentic Chinese and Malaysian/Singaporean, with separate menus for breakfast, dinner and all-day. 

I’ve been to Hawker’s a few times, enjoying a sit-in meal or takeaway, and my favourite dish was the Cantonese Flat Noodles with Beef.

I usually ask for no bean sprouts and it’s quite enjoyable despite sometimes having too much fresh ginger. I also enjoy their takeaway Green Beans with Garlic, Special Fried Rice and Curry Puffs (they have a small kick to them so know your spice threshold before getting anything with fresh chilli).

I went to Hawker’s Café on Wednesday at about 10:30am, so I missed the lunch time rush.

I recommend browsing a bit – there are a few menus to go through – but you can’t go wrong with the all-day dishes.

It’s advisable to get a couple of takeaway containers – they are 50 cents each but since the portions are bigger when you dine-in, you’ll want to take the leftovers home. 

I started with a serving of Fried Spring Rolls (six for $7.50). I then went for soup because of the cold weather. A staff member recommended the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup ($14.50). There were a few other options, and they can be served as soup or dry.

I followed up with the Special Fried Rice ($14.50) and Garlic Green Beans ($14.90), and complemented the meal with a hot Honey Lemon drink ($5.90)

The spring rolls were crunchy. The beef brisket noodle soup was steaming when it came out. There was a good portion of special fried rice on the plate. The garlic green beans were topped with dried garlic (watch out if you don’t like having garlic breath!). 

Overall, my meal was very tasty and packed with flavour.

The honey lemon tea was sweet and served at the perfect temperature. It even had a few slices of fresh lemon, although the tea was a bit intense near the end, so make sure to give it a stir.

My brunch at Hawker’s Cafe was super tasty, nicely presented and very filling.

Winthrop Hawker’s Café
131 Somerville Boulevard


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