LETTERS: 9.9.23

Bedroom Madness

AFTER 15 years it was time to get a new queen size bed; with the EOFY 50 per cent off sales I went to several different showrooms and rolled around on all their beds before making a purchase with free delivery a bonus. 

On inspection my joy dissipated as my previously inviting and tranquil slumber room was now being dominated by this oversized, almost obscene high-rise in-your-face monster which dwarfed my bedside furniture ‚Äì now 10cm lower than the mattress. 

Making the bed with sheets that no longer fit was made even more difficult by the weight of the mattress; a real effort and almost pointless trying for hospital corners.

I‚Äôm going to have to get help to fortnightly rotate this beast. 

I’ve heard that an egg-flip will assist in getting the sheets to go under the mattress, so I will be buying one when I now have to buy king-size sheets.

I am above average height yet getting up during that first night to pee I was jolted out of semi-slumber when my feet didn’t reach the floor, and wonder how a short person can actually get in and out of these “modernised”beds.

I ask you, with all this “new mattress technology” why do they have to be so thick and high, why do they weigh so much, why can you use only one side instead of flipping them over and how is this environmentally sustainable with all that memory foam? 

And lastly, why are they so expensive that many will never be able to afford them? 

Yours sleeping comfortably

Deadbeat druggies

ROEL LOOPERS is ‘stunned’ (Letter, September 2, 2023) that the word ‘deadbeat’ is used to describe those whose criminal behaviour inside our new civic centre has led to the employment of a security guard.

The problem is not homeless people who need specialised help, but drug dealers doing deals in the toilets, the shooting up that is going on there, the needles left lying around, the overdoses requiring ambulances, and the anti-social behaviour in a new $63 million building.

It is indeed very sad that ratepayers need to pay for a security guard to keep our library and civic centre safe.

Meanwhile,  The Fremantle Society want our Local History Centre back as promised – though the mayor has other ideas. 

Perhaps Mr Loopers can do something positive and help us focus on solutions for the building, rather than posturing.

John Dowson
Fremantle Society

Getting flighty?

QUESTIONS without notice for the Federal Member for Fremantle, Josh Wilson: With reference to the Prime Minister’s reported decision to abandon a 50-year history of reporting Air Force VIP flights and considering the scandal engulfing defence minister Richard Marles can you please, for the benefit of the constituents of Fremantle, explain how this decision is for the benefit of the constituents of Fremantle and the wider Australian community (I remind you that one can easily track the flights online, so secrecy is not a reason)? 

Do you believe that Mr Marles should provide full and frank details on the golf game he participated in in the US earlier this year? 

Should Mr Marles provide full and frank details on his use of his security detail and Air Force aircraft to participate in a game of golf on King Island in Tasmania? 

Do you support less transparency in government and hence this decision by Mr Albanese?

Do you support the use of taxpayer’s funds being used for such flights without any accountability to the people of Fremantle and beyond? 

Andrew Priest

Lost icon

THE Carriage Cafe is in its last days, it appears, so I thought you may be interested in showing a few pics of how popular and well maintained it was in our days as owners back around 2010.

Fremantle council should be ashamed of the way they treated owners of the lease of this icon over the past 20 years.

Kel Smith
Via email

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