Quay to the cup

THE Australia II – 40 Years On exhibition at the WA Maritime Museum is in full swing, marking the start of the Cook government’s month-long celebrations to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Australia II’s historic victory in the 1983 America’s Cup.

Running until February 4, 2024, this exhibition invites visitors on a journey through the annals of the America’s Cup race. It delves into the formation of the winning team, the construction of the legendary yacht, the jubilant celebrations after victory, and the subsequent challenge in Fremantle in 1987.

The festivities reach a grand finale with a free concert and drone show at Victoria Quay next Sunday, September 24. The concert features the legendary Hoodoo Gurus and Baby Animals, while everyone can get their on public transport for free.

The WA Maritime Museum is the permanent residence of Australia II, housing the iconic yacht and its renowned winged keel. In this, visitors can also lay eyes on other iconic artifacts not typically on display, such as the original Boxing Kangaroo flags crafted by Australia II’s sailmakers and proudly flown in Newport. Additionally, the keel plug (used to cast the keel’s mold) for Ben Lexcen’s famous winged keel will be on view.

The pièce de résistance of the exhibition is a newly commissioned 25-minute film, showcased on an eight-metre curved screen. This immersive experience reenacts the race, the build-up, and the ensuing triumph, offering viewers a unique perspective from the crew. 

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