Manners matters

WHATEVER happened to the Triple C? When did we decide to scrap it?

I don’t mean the Corruption and Crime Commission, but the public manners of courtesy, consideration and compassion. 

Whatever happened to them? When did society decide to unceremoniously abandon good, respectful and kind behaviour?

The Me, Me, Me society we live in does not appear to care about anyone else. 

We have become accustomed to daily reports of road rage, when someone who does not like what another road user has done believes that warrants an attack on the vehicle and driver.

Coward punches, where total strangers beat up a total stranger, are also becoming the norm, because we basically no longer give a shit about our fellow human beings. 

Domestic violence is rampant. 

Staff in shops and hospitality venues treat customers as a pain in the bum far too often and take us for granted, without realising that without us customers they would not have a job.

I bought a book last week. 

The shop assistant barely looked up to me. 

“Receipt?” he said. “No thank you,” I replied. “Bag?” he asked, and I again replied with a polite “no thank you”.

Why just one word, instead of would you like a bag sir? Is that really too much to expect? 

On the footpaths one has to constantly be aware of people who don’t step out of the way for a single person when they’re three or four abreast. 

They expect others to step onto the road to make way for them. That applies to young and old, so it is not a generational lack of courtesy.

A friend from Melbourne, who is here on a visit, asked why motorists don’t give way to pedestrians, because they do that in Victoria, but that’s WA for you. 

Wait Awhile, means others will have to wait, or react to inconsiderate behaviour, because I am in a rush, and I don’t care about others. 

It’s wrong, and it is very disappointing to witness that kind of rudeness so often on our streets.

On the weekend I watched many people ignoring the fact that others were taking photos at the Roundhouse, and spoiling their pictures. 

No one even contemplated waiting for a few seconds so that others could get a nice snap. 

Inconsiderate photo bombing was the norm, not an exception.

Social media is a mad cauldron of disrespect, innuendo and conspiracy, with the not-so-brave, anonymous trolls and bullies slamming anyone who dares to have a different opinion. 

I fear they learn that behaviour from Question Time in our Parliaments, where our leaders behave like infantile idiots, interrupting each other, yelling and screaming, without any decorum whatsoever, while the speaker is looking frustrated, and is hoarse from calling out “Order…Order!”

When did it no longer become important to us that every action we take has an impact – good or bad – on other people? 

When did we decide to live in a bubble isolated from the rest of society? 

Why is being nice to others something of the past, a beautiful nostalgia, that so many of us long for to return?

Is it really too hard to show some courtesy, respect and consideration?

Is holding a door open for someone behind us, or allowing someone to enter a train or bus ahead of us, just silly old-fashion nonsense? Why!?

We only have this one planet to live on, so we need to learn to share better and nurture others. 

We need other people in our lives, because without them life is not sustainable. 

We are the global village others talk about.

We are all in this together.

Respect is so easy to give, and so wonderful to receive.

Give it a try and you’ll find out it will also make YOU feel better!

Roel Loopers/Freoview

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