LETTERS: 7.10.23


MISTAKES happen. Sometimes, the mailing house accidentally sends the ballot papers to the wrong segment of the database.

But the Electoral Commission’s response also seems to have been misdirected. 

Why would I open an envelope that looks IDENTICAL to the one I’ve already dealt with? 

I had voted, sealed the envelope and was ready to post it. 

Even if you opened the envelope you would have concluded it was a redundant set of ballot papers. 

The explanatory DL flyer inside the envelope is headed “Local government elections 2023”.

What would have made more sense is a big ugly red stamp on the outside of the envelope saying ERROR: REPLACEMENT VOTING PAPERS. 

And a front page ad in The Herald.

The impact of the second error is that many people’s votes will not be cast in the right ward. 

Hoping the Commission has an inquiry into their response as well as the mailing house error.

Bret Treasure
Central Ward. No, really.

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