Randwick hits 100

RANDWICK STABLES in Hamilton Hill is celebrating its century tomorrow (Sunday October 8) with a shindig that’ll have live music, pony rides, a blacksmith display and more.,

The stables recently had their heritage bonafides reinforced by the WA government which agreed to a bigger green buffer during the rezoning of the old Roe Highway reserve.

They were originally established for Jack Marks of the prominent horse racing Marks family, includes various features like paddocks, stables, a timber-framed bungalow, and more.

In the early 1900s, South Fremantle and Hamilton Hill saw the rise of semi-rural industries, including horse racing stables, like the subdivision of Lot 4 in 1924 for Marks.

• Ted Miller (from the famous racing family) and Randwicks manager Alison Bolas.


Horse racing played a significant role in South Fremantle and Hamilton Hill’s development, dating back to the first races in 1833 at South Beach, where horse stables were a common sight. At its peak, around 400 horses were stabled there, and the Marks family became notable figures.

In 1917, Marks and his wife Amy moved to Kalgoorlie before settling in South Fremantle. He even transported his house from Kalgoorlie to his property on Rockingham Road, adding a veranda, washhouse, and well.

Marks worked as a horse trainer in South Fremantle, where he constructed an L-shaped stable with six stalls and a jockey and tack room.

After his passing in 1926, ownership transferred to his wife, and later to his brother, Sol Marks. In 1927-28, the property became officially known as Randwick Stables.

John Egan of West Perth acquired Randwick Stables in 1930 and it housed the Collett family from 1939 to 1950-51, who were mainly engaged in trotting.

Florance Mary Banks owned Randwick Stables in 1950-51, where her husband, Jimmy Banks, trained Beau Vasse, a winner of the 1950 Perth Cup. The winnings were believed to fund the property’s purchase, officially registered in Ms Banks’ name in 1960.

In 1964, James Ronald Banks and Merilyn Banks became owners of a portion of Randwick Stables. Further land transfers occurred in 1969, maintaining this configuration until 2002, with renovations to the main house around the 1950s-1960s.

In 1999, the Banks family sold Randwick Stables to Main Roads WA as part of a highway network development plan.

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