Last pitches

IN their last pitch to voters before postal ballots have to be sealed and mailed off, Melville mayoral candidates Katy Mair and George Gear have thrown in a couple of new initiatives.

Given the rise of living costs, Ms Mair says she wants a review of the council’s 200 services to see if there are any that could be culled.

“It also want more efficient and cost-effective services to keep the rates down,” Ms Mair said.

• Mayoral candidate Katy Mair wants to cull any services that have outlived their usefulness

Aiming for a second stint in the top job, Ms Mair says she’s also getting complaints from residents about the City’s communication, saying it’s sometimes so poor people are feeling disconnected and unsupported.

“In order to fix this, I am keen to see the City become more inclusive by ensuring that community consultation, employment opportunities, facilities, services, programs and events are made more accessible to a broader range of people regardless of age, gender and ethnicity,” Ms Mair said.

Mr Gear has decided to go head-to-head with former mayor Russell Aubrey in the latter’s home territory, and says he’d aim to get another sporting facility on the agenda if re-elected.

“Residents are still upset by the decision some time ago by the council to close the Leeming Leisurefit Centre,” Mr Gear said.

“I know from my own experience of regular attendance at the Booragoon centre just how important these centres are to the community.

The old Leeming centre is now leased to the privately-run and busy Striker Indoor Sports and Fitness, but Mr Gear said an important part of the community disappeared when the council opted out.

“They filled the pool in,” he says.

Mr Gear said whether the council took back the building and reinstated the pool, or built another facility elsewhere would have to be decided by the community through consultation.


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