Carrington’s Bar and Grill: A Finalist in the 2023 AHA-Aon Hospitality Awards for Excellence 

Carrington’s Bar and Grill has achieved a deserving feat by becoming a finalist in multiple categories at the 2023 AHA-Aon Hospitality Awards for Excellence. These accolades recognise Carrington’s commitment to providing exceptional service and innovative contributions to the hospitality industry. 

The AHA-Aon Hospitality Awards for Excellence, organised by the Australian Hotels Association, is an eagerly anticipated event that spotlights the best in the hospitality sector and the individuals who make it shine. 

• Carrington’s Owners Ashley & Lorene Cranenburgh

Carrington’s Bar and Grill has earned its place as a finalist in five notable categories, each showcasing a unique aspect of their exceptional contributions to the industry. 

These categories include Casual Pub Dining Award (Metropolitan), Redeveloped Venue Award, Social Media Activity Award, TAB Hotel/PubTAB Venue Award and Retail Bottleshop Award. 

Carrington’s success as a finalist in these categories reflects the hard work and dedication of their entire team, from staff, chefs and managers, in creating a unique and exceptional experience for patrons. 

The Hospitality Awards for Excellence will be presented at the Four Pillars Gala Ball on Monday, November 13, 2023, at Crown Perth, starting at 6:30 pm. This glamorous event will bring together industry leaders from across Australia to celebrate the achievements and innovations that distinguish the Australian hospitality industry. 

Carrington’s Bar and Grill’s multiple finalist nominations celebrate their success while highlighting their resilience and innovation in the competitive hospitality industry. Their journey from a local favourite to a recognised finalist demonstrates their unwavering commitment to top-notch service and mouth-watering dishes. 

As the 2023 AHA-Aon Hospitality Awards for Excellence approach, Carrington’s Bar and Grill stands as a beacon of excellence, ready to celebrate their achievements and the remarkable individuals and venues that make the Australian hospitality industry vibrant and dynamic. 

Owners Ashley & Lorene Cranenburgh would like to thank their customers for their wonderful support since they took ownership of the tavern in March 2022. 

Carrington’s Bar and Grill
330 Carrington St, Hamilton Hill
Phone 9337 3011 

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