Classic Freo  

A GROUP of flamingos is known as a flamboyance, so it seemed entirely appropriate to be surrounded by them in the latest offering from Freo’s most dazzling restaurateur, Freya Cheffers.

Ms Cheffers has just had the soft opening for her Moroccan-flavoured restaurant/bar Flamingo Freo in FOMO in Walyalup Koort, and says the aim is to “bring Freo back to Freo”.

By which she means quirky old Freo; a touch irreverent, colourful and in your face – but with a good heart. 

Flamingo Freo is definitely a colourful and lively addition to FOMO, decked out with lanterns, fairy lights and – of course – a flamboyance of flamingos painted on the walls or standing around on the one leg, as flamingos are wont to do.

• A happy customer in Flamingo Freo with owner Freya Cheffers (right).

There’s enough seating to comfortably wait if you’ve ordered a takeaway, or sit and eat it right there as we did.

In the kitchen Ms Cheffers conjures up a range of the colourful dishes she’s renowned for, spreading an appetising aroma outside.

The menu focuses on tajines and generously mixed salads, prices ranging from $12.50 to $22.

With dishes taking about 20 minutes because Ms Cheffers is making it fresh-as, we started off with a refreshing Moroccan mint ice tea.

It came in a large cup filled to the brim with ice cubes and was a delightful kick of flavour.

A sip of ice tea between bits of authentic food was also a lovely palette cleanser.

The first thing that stood out when the food arrived was the bright colours on the plate.

The Moroccan meatballs in rich tomato sauce ($22) were cooked to perfection, creating sublimity when eaten with a spice-infused couscous.

Presented with fresh cucumber and hummus alongside Turkish bread and topped off with coriander it was a stand-out dish.

The chicken, preserved lemon and green olive tajine ($22) had tender pieces of poultry in a well-seasoned vegetable sauce roosting on soft, yellow couscous.

It was refined with olives, coriander and fresh cucumber, crispy turkish bread strips and a spoonful of pink beetroot hummus in the centre. Blue ribbons for best of breed!

There was a little faire une faute when we received a mix of the two meals we already had rather than the salad we thought we’d ordered, but it was Ms Cheffers who noticed and came straight out to make things right – her apology was so genuine and professional, and we ended up with a little extra salad for nix!

The outcome of it all was a delicious and unique meal in the heart of Fremantle, presented by a new and upcoming restaurant. 

If you are in Fremantle we highly recommend checking this place out for a good time and a good meal.

Flamingo Freo
FOMO food court,
Walyalup Koort


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