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6 responses to “Submit Letter to Editor

  1. If you print my poem, please print it in 2 stanzas as I wrote it, if possible. It transferred as prose when I pasted it into my letter.
    Thanks…Helen Morris

  2. Abelle Wards, we want SILVADEEand the grasshoppers to continue to promote Fremantle, and with a little help from the Herald I”‘m sure they can. BIG thanks regards. AW.

  3. Dear Editor,
    I was delighted with seeing my letter printed in the Herald (Bussed yourself out of your car, November 29, 2014). However, I was surprised that my original first paragraph with a critical note towards Australia’s commitment to climate change policy and action was axed. Since when does the Herald apply this kind of censorship?

  4. Jim Reddyhough 08/10/15 My original letter had three paragraphs; no.2; “I have only met” no3; “However, in her letter”.
    Best Wishes. Jim.

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