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03NEWS Love boatFreo shines for German TV


IT was lunch and a show for Kailis’ customers Wednesday when a popular German TV soap filmed an episode on the harbour.

Das Traumschiff—it translates to The Dream Ship—debuted in 1981 as a spinoff of America’s insanely popular and cheesy The Love Boat.

While Captain Stubing, Gopher and McCoy disappeared from our screens before I was born, Das Traumschiff has weathered TV’s fickle storms and pulls in 10 million viewers for its bi-annual 90-minute shows.

The German cast and crew are in WA till Monday, filming at iconic locations including King’s Park, the Pinnacles and Cottesloe.

Cast members Julia Stemberger, Katja Flint and Tina Ruland battled a little rain and breeze for their shoot at Kailis.

Or at least their assistants did, running around with umbrellas and touching up windswept hair.

The sun obligingly appeared for a few crucial takes.

Executive producer Christian Stocklov reckons many viewers choose holiday destinations based on the show.

“It’s all about beautiful locations and beautiful weather,” he says.

The show featuring Fremantle will air January 1, 2014.

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