Parent backs cruelty claims

Photo PlaceA HAMILTON HILL mum supports claims that fishers are mistreating wildlife at Woodman Point.

She says she saw one angler strangle a tangled bird to death in front of his son.

Last week the Herald reported Yangebup fisher Phil Eva saying he’d spotted a herd of teenagers torturing a shark, before cutting off its head and using it as a football.

The local mum, who didn’t want to named after young fishers made threatening comments on the Herald’s interactive website, says she was at the jetty last weekend with her son, when to her “horror” she saw the man snag a shag.

“He made no attempt to unhook it, instead he kicked it viciously in the head, swore violently and then proceeded to strangle it,” she said.

“He then threw the bird’s corpse into the water.”

The woman and her son are regular fishers and it’s normally a positive experience with friendly anglers, but this episode was very different.

“I realise that fishing by its very nature could be classed as a blood sport but surely this man could have tried a little bit harder to save the bird?,” she said.

“If only to set an example to his son who was fishing with him. Furthermore, it is illegal to kill a seabird without a permit so my children and I were also witness to an illegal act.”

Meanwhile the angry fishers have denied the cruelty claims on the Herald’s website.

Pudzz wrote: “your (sic) a discrace,(sic) what yous (sic) have turned this into i will not stand for we could be staying home doing drugs but no we go fishing catch small sharks kill them eat them do not mistreat them at all big sharks are all released well.”

Pudzz went on to say, “and i tell you now if my previous comment does not appear for public to see.. 41 cliff st is getting a very smelly visit this week.”

Tim questioned whether Mr Eva needed glasses, after claiming she saw a shark head floating in the water. “Sharks heads do not float, they sink so i struggle to see how one would have been seen floating?”

WA fisheries bugle Ashley Malone says his department had received one complaint in the past month about shark fishing at Woodies “but it wasn’t about animal cruelty”. He didn’t say if the department was planning to investigate the claims of shark cruelty.



8 responses to “Parent backs cruelty claims

  1. If you don’t like what you see, don’t go there! It’s THAT simple. Like the kid says, would you rather see these teens getting into worse trouble by dealing/taking drugs, vandalising, stealing, gaffitiing the neighbourhood, egging you house! Or getting lazy and fat at home playing computer games? Enjoyed a few BBQ’s over the summer have we? A nice big, thick, juicy steak, a few pork sausages? What do you think happens to those animals before they end up on your plate for you to enjoy? Perhaps a visit to a slaughter house might bring life into perspective for you.
    “The animals go through in single file. At a certain point, they pass over a bar, their legs on both sides, and the floor slowly drops away. At that point they’re being carried along on that bar, which is a conveyor belt, and they then pass through a station where there’s a man on the catwalk above. He’s holding an object that looks like a power nailing gun. It’s a pneumatic device called a stunner.
    This essentially injects a metal bolt. It’s about the size and length of a thick pencil into its brain, right between the eyes, and that should render the animal brain dead.
    At that point, chains will be attached to the rear legs. They will be lifted up by the chains. The chains are attached to an overhead trolley, and then they will be bled. Another person in another station will stick a long knife in and cut the aorta and bleed the animal. It will then be completely dead.
    From there they pass through a series of stations to clean them and to remove their hide”.

  2. Last Saturday I was at woodman point and when walking between the piers i saw a cut off shark tail and dorsal fin washed up on the beach. I was horried to see and I hope this stops.

    • These cut of shark tails and fins are a result of the preperation process needed to make the flesh edible, this process bleeds the shark so the flesh does not taste of ammonia, fishermen cut the tail fins and head off to do this, so dont be suprised….

  3. All use like to talk a lot of shit about all is boys that fish at woodiea if we gonna fish for sharks we will fish for sharks we don’t kill the big sharks of there. Eating since we eat them if use wanna believe what stupid ladies say all I can say is use are all useless actually right something useful not stupid rubbish like this

  4. false claims once again..!

    a live fish was set under a balloon and the dumb seabird also known as a cormarant..! decided it was an easy feed, it proceeded to eat the fish and got caught with the hook,

    pudzz who was NOT the angler who had even caught the bird but managed to grab the bird by its neck (false accousations of a strangling attempt) this disables the ability of the bird causing damage too itself further more pecking wildy and causing wounds to anglers,

    it took some time but pudzz managed to remover the hook with a pair of pliers and some old fishing line that was wrapped up in the birds feed.. he then dropped the bird (threw the birds corpse into the water)

    i mean cmon this is an outrage again of falsly accusing people of mistreatment of an animal and this time the angler did everything to help the bird and your saying he could of tried too SAVE IT..!


  5. ahaha oh my here we go again..!!!!!!!!!,,,
    ONE man commited something actually illegal.. ONE MAN, not all of us, as a matter of fact, send some of your “spies” done to woodies to watch us, as they are there in a matter of time they should be leaving thinking what a waste of time, as we have proved before, we are not doing anything wrong so basically this is just a complaint paper not an actual illegal news paper, but if your to keep trying to make us look like the bad guys, i think we should start commiting some bad guy acts? hows that sound? or we could continue how we are now, we have killed a shark in front of a fisheries officer and it was all legal, i have litteraly smashed a shark head first into the ground to knock it out in front of a fisheries officer all legal all good, its only the people who just dribble bullshit and dont know what there tlaking about that usually have a problem,,, and if you think of editting my comment one bit, just proves you know yous are all a joke and where in the right

    sincerely a 15 year old woodies angler!

  6. You saw a cut off shark tail? thats how you are ment to bleed a shark before u eat it.. if u dont do that the meat of the shark gets full of mercury and ammonia…

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