Letters 16.2.13

07LETTERS 2Very Freo?
ABOUT 7.30am Sunday we went to the South Beach dog beach.
On the grass area were some people doing communal exercises and nearby two sleepy small dogs were secured to a shady tree—unfortunately a couple of metres off the “legal” dog grass.
Enter the ranger who, having spotted these miscreants, drove on the grass up to the group to presumably issue some stern words and possibly a fine.
She then proceeded to drive, still on the park, to numerous other offenders who were walking to the dog beach with their leashed dogs.
Okay, so rules were being broken very briefly, but intolerance and inflexibility are not “very Freo” are they? Hardly anyone without a dog was about and no harm was being done, so was it really necessary?
How sad that tying two inoffensive pooches to the wrong tree in the early morning is an illegal activity in WA but driving a big van on a grassy park is okay.
Mary Irwin
Wheeler Rd, Hamilton Hill

Be part of a SFSHS solution
HOORAY Aileen (Herald letters, February 9, 2013)! Good on you for sticking up for South Freo High, a good school which can improve if locals get behind it.
Traci Gamblin does not represent most parents in the area and I’m sick and tired of hearing her biased point of view. I applaud her for wanting to send her child/ren to a local state school, every child who goes private weakens the state system.
However, I believe she’s going about it the wrong way. Our son goes to Hilton primary, a great school which has suffered from a bad reputation. The evidence there shows that once a group of parents take the step of sending their children to the local school huge improvements can take place in a few years.
Hilton, which has suffered from prejudice just like South Freo, has gone from being an average school to being a finalist in School of the Year. The same will happen in Coolbellup with the Cooby Now group involvement. This can happen at South Freo: All it takes is a small leap of faith.
So come on parents, get behind your local school. Be part of the solution not part of the problem.
Adam and Amy
Burridge Way, Hamilton Hill

Keep it real
I HAVE been a keen skateboarder for the past 41 years, both my 24- and three-year-old sons are skaters and I live in hope their little brother of 16 months will take up the sport as well.
Skateboarding is the most egalitarian sport on the planet as well as being the only truly urban sport in existence.
For as little as $50 a boy or girl can get their hands on a skateboard and start their journey to freedom, community and the pursuit of perfection. Skateboarding is a street thing and always will be it was never meant to be contained in a park or ‘drome, and while a lot of them have been built in the past 25 years the street is still where it’s at.
The fact the Freo council wants to provide facilities for our skating fraternity is commendable but the proposal to slap down some designer’s limited idea of what a skate park should look like smack dab on the Esplanade green is so bloody awful it’s hard to believe these folks haven’t lost the plot and now need treatment.
Can’t the money be spent somewhere else?
If you want to encourage skating and increase participation I suggest creating a Freo by-law that declares skating a dangerous sport and that all risk is assumed by the skater. If you indemnify landlords and property owners from legal action by skaters who may injure themselves you can then get rid of all the grind-proofing junk stuck onto public structures like walls, stairs and rails and allow the kids and folks like me to skate on the streets, stairs, curbs, rails and driveways where skating belongs.
Keep it real, say no to skate parks and yes to skating.
Scott A Mantle
Dane Place, Spearwood

Respect your youngers!
PAMELA CATTALINI (Herald letters, January 26, 2013) wrongly accuses teenagers of being anti-social troublemakers. This stereotype is unjust and disrespectful to all teenagers. Everyone is targeting our generation for no good reason.
In her letter Pamela talks about the park being a family place. But aren’t teenagers a part of the family? The park is for all of the family not just younger children. Teenagers need to be included and not hidden from society. They are the future adults of this world. Were you not a teenager once? You know what it was like to be discriminated all of the time! Not all teenagers are the same.
It is frowned upon to be racist and sexist in our society, but it is acceptable to be ageist! How is that fair?
Miranda Nevill
and Brittany Sanders
Lesueur Pass, Beeliar

Bikes burgled
MY husband and children have returned from an evening walk very upset. They’d left their scooters and bike at the bottom of the stairs on the corner of Gordon Street and View Terrace for less than a couple of minutes only to find them gone upon their return.
So to the lady in the green station wagon who picked them up, they are stolen property. Just because you see something lying around, it dosn’t mean you can just take it.
Shona Wardle
Clayton St, East Fremantle

A headache!
THE bike police are in town.
I know it is the law that you must wear a helmet to protect the grey matter, but when bike police in their numbers are simply outside the Norfolk pub and hitting people for the 50-buck fine I seriously doubt the worth of such an exercise.
In fact I think all it does is drive people off their bikes.
Come on Adele and Brad—on yer bikes without your helmets and show us all that the law is an ass.
Dean Whineray
Varna Pl, Coolbellup

Compassion, please
I TOO have been a regular visitor, as a walker not fisherman, to the Woodman Point jetty for a long time but have stopped going for the very reasons shared by your correspondent last week (Herald, February 9, 2013).
On my last visit I stood and watched a woman catch three small fish, pull a face at them as they didn’t appear to be what she wanted, and then throw them over her shoulder onto the jetty. I picked them up and threw them back into the ocean.
This was just one example of the many mindless acts of cruelty both conscious and unconscious that takes place on this jetty.  I agree with the writer that there should be some ‘legal requirement’ to prevent this behaviour but what kind of society are we creating where we should even need to have to have such legislation! Please, fisherpeople and fun seekers, have some compassion and awareness of your actions and the suffering it causes—what goes around really does come around!
Tia, South Fremantle
(Name and address supplied)

WELL, the football-hating nimbys living near East Fremantle Oval have voted against development there, thus consigning a fine football team to be re-located wherever.
The oval has hosted football since 1953, perhaps these people never noticed football was played there every other weekend during the winter months.
It is indicative of today’s attitudes of selfishness that these people wish to have a verdant park to look upon, however I might remind them Richmond Raceway was also an A-class reserve and was sold by the WA government of the time to developers when it suited.
The same is more than likely to happen at Shark Park and the view will then be blighted by numerous McMansions and diabolically designed units: It will serve them right.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra 

Council gives me the hump
MELVILLE BEACH ROAD would have to be the roughest road in the City of Melville.
To my knowledge the sealing of the road has been put off for the past three years. To make  matters worse they have constructed the worst speed humps I have ever seen: Sharp and damaging to a small modern car even if you just roll over them. I do not know what the person was thinking when he designed the humps—they have a gap in the centre which allows motorcyclists to go through without having to slow down.
It is already a problem on our street on summer nights with noisy motorcycles using it as a speedway.
I am not against speed humps if constructed in the conventional manner for the vehicle to roll over to slow traffic down. I am not the only person in our street to be annoyed at the state of the road. I have signed petitions to the council from other residents with almost all residents signing it.
I have recently written to the council myself and had a phone message back saying the hold up to sealing the road is the Swan River Trust. What a lame excuse, does it take three years for approval and why would you need approval from the Swan River Trust to seal a road? How about it Melville city council—a bit of action?
Frank Granger
Melville Beach Rd, Applecross

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