Forget ‘down south’

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CHAR CHAR BULL, Fremantle:

“Brenden has got somewhat of a “roll up your sleeves” approach when it comes to his steakhouse.”

The dappled light scattered on the water on Fisherman’s Wharf is a sight to behold. And with the seabreeze coming in, the exquisite moment enjoyed from the lounges at the waterfront by Char Char Bull is almost complete. Add to that a bottle of wine on ice, or your favourite boutique beer, a rib eye on the bone with melting pancetta butter on a bed of fresh parsley mash and some local king prawns on the side and you’re off to your very own happy place.

Char Char Bull is a modern Australian steak and seafood house catering for those in need of a mini holiday at home. And the addition of the comfortable and relaxing lounge area facing the Fishing Boat Harbour offers just that – perfect for those moments of harsh truths when you realise that there isn’t a day between Saturday and Sunday that allows for a trip “down south”.

Although a longstayer in the Harbour, there’s definitely something new and fresh about Char Char Bull. Perhaps it’s the menu that has been tweaked to perfection with a strong focus on premium, hand selected W.A beef. Or perhaps it’s the more upmarket feel to the place that you just don’t get from any other steak house near or far.

Or perhaps it’s due, at least in part, to the fact that they are also celiac conscious and cater well for vegetarians. According to Brenden Jones, owner and operator “it’s all about the package”. And admittedly, there’s something very satisfying about that “package” which is now in its 9th year running.

Brenden has got somewhat of a “roll up your sleeves” approach when it comes to his steakhouse; making weekly trips to his butcher Danny Borrello of Borrello Meats and selecting only the best W.A meat. And coming from four generations of butchers, Brenden really knows good meat. “I love meat because it’s a sustainable product compared to a lot of other industries”.

And if you’re serious about your steaks too, then do yourself a favour; scrap “down south” this weekend. Instead, let yourself be whisked away by the romance and holiday-feel of the waterfront and let Char Char Bull take care of the rest.



Char Char Bull
44B Mews Road, Fremantle
Phone 9335 7666

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