Woollard rebuffed

MELVILLE city council has rejected Janet Woollard’s request to extend community consultation over a contentious five-storey Groves Avenue development.

Dr Woollard says similar to the Kitchener Road case, just a handful of nearby neighbours were notified, but the development has the potential to affect everyone in the street.

She’d wanted to consult the wider community and extend the period for comment past two weeks, but council CEO Shayne Silcox knocked back the request.

He told her it was already clear from the limited consultation that there was “considerable concern on the part of local residents”.

“I think it’s terrible that the community are not being consulted and involved in planning decisions for their local areas,” Dr Woollard says.

“People are not opposed to development, but they want to be involved in the development decisions so that they can ensure that the local amenity isn’t destroyed.”

The comments will be forwarded to the development assessment panel to consider.

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