It’s beer o’clock

15. 11DINING SailSAIL & ANCHOR, Fremantle:

“We are really proud of our beer culture and we now have the full range of Feral beers on tap.”

In at the Sail and Anchor it’s always beer o’clock. And with 43 taps, 27 craft beers and plenty of “guest beers” – including one-off’s and seasonal brews – there’s never a dry moment.

Established in 1884 as the Freemason’s Hotel, Sail and Anchor was one of Australia’s first pub breweries. Now showcasing an internationally renowned beer portfolio, the Sail and Anchor goes from strength to strength, taking out more awards than can be counted, ‘Best Beer Venue’ being one of them. And appropriate of a best beer venue, Sail and Anchor hosts the 2nd annual U.S craft beer showcase in May.

With a philosophy of “in fermentation – there is truth”, Sail and Anchor really knows good beer. “We are really proud of our beer culture and we now have the full range of Feral beers on tap, and some other really awesome brews” says Peter Bottcher, venue manager and beer aficionado.

Sail and Anchor is a garden of eden for beer lovers. In the garden cafe, you can sit back and relax, enjoy the newly introduced table-service while picking and choosing your favourite beer and beer-matched pub food.

To give you an idea, there’s the Wagyu Beef Burger matched with the Feral Hop Hog, or the Lemon Myrtle Squid Salad matched with the Last Drop Pils, or for vegetarians, there’s the Quinoa Salad matched with Knappstein Reserve Lager. And on the off-chance that you would prefer a glass of wine instead, there’s also a wine-match to go with every meal. “Food has always been important to us but now it perfectly compliments our second to none selection of beer” continues Peter.

And with a great selection to choose from – it is understandable if you “um and ah”. The beer tasting platter is designed to take care of your indecisiveness – allowing you to choose from six different beers served in small convenient tasting glasses.

Sail and Anchor is the one shop stop for all beer lovers: single beer lovers, coupled beer lovers, beer lovers with families, late night beer lovers and beer lovers who also love live music while the outside world hurries past without a second glance.

It’s a beer lover’s thing to do.


Sail and Anchor
64 South Tce, Fremantle
Phone 9431 1666


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