Rare find

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It’s rare to see anything under a million bucks in this swank East Perth strip, but this one’s a rare exception.

Originally intended as a caretaker’s house at the base of this 2010 apartment block, at the 11th hour the design was upgraded.

The result is a well-fitted—though slightly smaller at 77sqm—apartment in an otherwise exclusive block in an exclusive area.

Through the mirrored foyer, smart use has been made of the available space with a large, open-plan kitchen/living/dining room. The ceilings are also a foot higher than standard, and large windows along the eastern face let in a lot of morning sun while saving you from the brunt of the hot afternoon.

The outdoor area along the eastern edge boasts a huge 34sqm entertainer’s terrace: That’s enough space to invite every one on your bloated list of Facebook friends.

The main bedroom is generously sized and the second bedroom is big enough that it’s being used as a separate sun lounge.

Not far from the highway, thick glass pretty convincingly blocks out the bulk of sound from passing cars, and there are a few other polished touches like designer wall coverings and curtains, a new, bright and shiny kitchen, and a luxury double-shower in the big bathroom.

Being on the ground floor your front door is about two metres from the pool, sauna and spa. The small pool is a pretty impressive use of space: Only a few metres long, with the flick of the switch two giant pressure pumps at one end create a current pushing you back. You can practice swimming strokes in place.

Built in 2010, the developer still lives in the penthouse—an endorsement of his own creation.


1/47 Tully Road, East Perth
Brendon Habak 0423 200 400
realestate88 92006168


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