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There are lots of “ooh” and “ahh” moments to this historic Bicton home, from the front door to the teeny-weenie door at the end of the tour… but more of that later.

The front half of the house is a 1916 classic, with colonial architecture still strong but making way for the art deco stylings which would officially be ushered in just two years later.

Most elements have been stunningly preserved so it’s a wonderful romp through the two eras in a way. May Gibbs carrying in doodlings that morphed into Cuddlepot and Cuddlepie wouldn’t be out of place here.

After admiring the leadlight windows surrounding the front door, you’re next greeted by the original rich, red-brown timber flooring. It was polished just weeks ago and gleams like it’s glass-coated.

An addition prior to the vendors’ ownership sort of flipped the house, so you now enter from what used to be the side and straight into a lounge, with its old-style fireplace there but looking too neat to have been used in a while.

It’s also where you come across the first of a series of leadlight features that unifies the old with the new. It’s shaped like a porthole and has an exquisite flower design, which alternates with others containing birds.

A treat awaited in the dining room next door, with the first real taste of the ornate ceiling roses in this section of the home. They’re truly artworks, with one in a bedroom simply jaw-dropping. Best I’ve ever seen, I’m sure.

As expected for a home of this vintage, the two minor bedrooms on the ground floor are generous, and there’s one which is absolutely perfect for a young teen, featuring in-built bookshelf as well as wardrobe.

That’s about it for olde-world, as you pop round the corner into a thoroughly modern kitchen. It’s a custom-built Nobilia kitchen—very upmarket and pricey, but a dream. It even comes with these incredibly clever “peanut” shelves for the corners. You think they’re simply going to swing out, but suddenly they do a u-turn and head in the opposite direction, exposing every corner so there’s nowhere for stray jars or containers to disappear. I want some.

Another clever feature was a table for informal meals that morphs into the benchtops.

Upstairs are two more bedrooms, bringing the total to four. The main is up here and

has one of those open ensuites that still leave me a bit startled and concerned about water on the carpet, but it makes the room roomier and lets in some additional light—and despite my concerns about being confronted by a loved one’s nakedness in daylight, they do look stylish.

There’s also a balcony looking across leafy East Freo up to the water tower in Bicton. It’s got the one flaw I can find in this place—the McDonald’s sign blights the view. Thanks for nothing, Ronald!

The balcony also overlooks a well-designed backyard (which used to be the front yard) with a heated swimming pool complete with running water feature, and a small area of grass where little kids might enjoy a run-around. The old verandah has been converted into a very funky pool lounge and looks a great place to spend summer.

The last part of the tour headed through a family room that’s sympatico with the older section of the house, past a study nook and into an informal lounge.

It’s got a trapdoor that lifts up to reveal stairs down to a very nice wine cellar, lined with limestone to keep the temperature ambient.

And the final treat was that teeny-weenie door, just the size for a leprechaun. It opens up to the funkiest indoor cubbyhouse, which is currently made out like a perfect mini-kitchen.

My two-year-old probably would never emerge if he was popped in there, and I really had to resist the urge to get down on my hands and knees and whip up a teddybear’s picnic.

This is a super house in a great location and perfect for a youngish family. You have to ring for the price, but something this good ain’t going to come cheap so be prepared to shell out some serious cash.

20 Yeovil Cres, Bicton
Call for price
Aidan Casey 0407 423 655
Stephanie Dobro 0409 229 115
Caporn Young 9335 5977


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