Believe it

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ISTANBUL, Fremantle:

“Before you’ve even been seated in the Middle Eastern restaurant, you know that you’re in for a real treat.”

“Never disappoints! A family favourite! The best food going!” The reviews of Istanbul Turkish Restaurant continues to impress.

As a rule, don’t believe the hype. But in this case, do.  And besides, everyone loves a good rule-breaker.

The smell of freshly baked turkish bread hits the olfactory nerve as you turn into Essex Street, and before you’ve even been seated in the Middle Eastern restaurant, you know that you’re in for a real treat. The choice of entree is a no-brainer: the house famous turkish bread with a selection of dips; tatziki, eggplant, beetroot and hommus. If you wanted to, you could stop here. The turkish bread hits the spot – again and again. But the truth is, you would miss out. The home made marinades and sauces are unique to Istanbul, with several being well-kept house “secrets”. So secret in fact, that these little un-revelations have kept the restaurant thriving for 20 years now, rendering null and void all copycats that have tried but failed.

Hamdi Ceveik and Dale James, owners-operators, put the restaurant’s success down to authenticity. “Our recipes are original Turkish creations, with original flavours and ingredients”. And in a sea of “same, same” – Istanbul is a real sigh of relief.

Even the local Turkish population dine here. “So what?” you might say. But the truth is, the Turkish love homemade and rarely venture out of their own kitchens, unless, there is something to top nonna’s best efforts. So there.

And to really hit the Middle Eastern point home – belly dancers come and shake it up on the weekends. A perfect complement to the redecorated restaurant with its golden, red tones, damask wallpapers and luxurious chandeliers that already have you hypnotised and thinking you’re on a holiday in Istanbul.

Now say it out loud: I believe!

Istanbul Turkish Restaurant
19B Essex Street, Fremantle
Phone 9335 6068



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