Shiver me timbers

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FROM its limestone and brick outside gate to its proximity to the Fremantle Prison, almost everything about this Hampton Road home screams tradition—until you keep walking.

With a simple step through a doorway into the back half of the house, you move both from the living room to the kitchen and the 19th century into the 21st.

The kitchen features stainless steel appliances and translucent cupboards. Its crisp black and white walls and floor a stark contrast to the Tasmanian pine that lines the living room and bedrooms.

The timber, taken from Captain James Mills’ ship when he built the house in 1896, and a 1915 photo of the original house, make you feel you are living in history. The front of the house, draped in cream, forest green and deep red trim, has remained almost unchanged since it was built.

The outside gate yields to a steep stairway flanked by two humble grassy patches while the front door is surrounded by stained glass that makes it seem like you are entering a chapel. From the two front bedrooms, you can peer both into the yard of the Fremantle Prison and onto the front porch, which can fit patio furniture.

Fourteen-foot ceilings and ample floor space in all three bedrooms provide enough room to perform cartwheels or yoga, if you choose. Ceiling roses in each of the bedrooms are understated yet classy, as are the two fireplaces and the koi pond.

A small outdoor patio allows you to enjoy the weather without sacrificing privacy or bug bites (screen curtains come down to keep the pests away) and a two-car garage offers a great alternative to street parking.

The elevated structure of the house helps to keep both the noise out and the silence in, despite residing on the busy Hampton Road.

A modest and historical house in the heart of Fremantle, this home is a 19th century relic with a modern touch.


24 Hampton Rd, Fremantle
Jordan Marshall
0438 298 100
Locate Real Estate 9335 9007

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