• Kaye Foster with her feather friends. Photo by Brendan Foster

• Kaye Foster with her feather friends. Photo by Brendan Foster

KAYE FOSTER says her menagerie of birds is like her family.

So when an intruder climbed the back fence of her Beaconsfield home in the early hours of April 17 and stole nine parrots, she started to despair for her feathered friends.

Amongst the birds snatched were a Sun Conure parrot, two Turk parrots and six weiros.

“These birds are my family,” Ms Foster says, pointing to the 30-odd birds in the aviary.

“Everyone of them has got a name. I come down here three or four times a day to see them. It’s heartbreaking.

“I’m just grateful they closed the door, because the rest could have flown away.”

Ms Foster says the stolen birds are worth about $1000 and she believes someone is trying to make a quick buck on the black market or in the classifieds.

She is offering a $1000 reward for the birds’ return.

“I think they will try to sell them or use them to breed,” she says. “With my weiros they took all the colourful ones. They didn’t take any grey ones.”

The Lefroy Road local says she has already been contacted by a fellow bird-lover whose parrots were nabbed in Hamilton Hill.

She has been scouring the streets listening out for her beloved squawkers.

“Whomever took them has split up couples that were inseparable,” she says. “They are sitting there lost, looking for their friend all the time that’s not there anymore. It’s terrible.”

If anyone has seen the birds, they can contact Ms Foster on 0432 931 919.

Note: Reporter Brendan and Kaye Foster are unrelated.


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