Lib MP wary of Abbott’s own ‘big new tax’

TANGNEY federal Liberal MP Dennis Jensen says “a number of colleagues” are concerned about the Coalition’s lavish paid parental leave policy, which includes a big new tax for companies.

If elected in September, Tony Abbott plans to allow new mothers to be paid their full wage for 26 weeks, up to $75,000 (so a woman earning up to $150,000 a year keeps getting their full pay).

To pay for the scheme, the Opposition Leader will make Australia’s 300 largest companies pay a new 1.5 per cent levy.

The companies are expected to pass the rise in their costs on to consumers.

The Australian newspaper quoted Dr Jensen saying, “there hasn’t been a detailed policy debate on the issue in the partyroom, but I think that it is one that needs to be had”.

Dr Jensen says he stands for, “lower tax, smaller government, free market, family and a fair go”, and has taken to Facebook and Twitter to ask constituents what they think.

Labor’s parental leave plan will pay new parents only the minimum wage.

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